Your Preferred Customer Benefits
Making the most of your Melaleuca membership

1. Exclusive savings
Receive discounts of 30% to 50% off regular product prices each time you shop with Melaleuca.

2. Better value for money
Shopping at Melaleuca doesn’t require more spending. Simply replace the products you’re already buying from supermarkets or pharmacies & enjoy better quality products at a better value for the whole family.

3. Real products that people really need
Over 350 products recommended by customers just like you that harness the trusted power of nature and that address real health solutions for life’s challenges to help you feel & look better.

4. Peace of mind and a safer home;
Our home cleaning products are so safe, no child safety caps are required. These formulas contain NO chlorine bleach, NO ammonia, and NO harsh chemicals.

5. Clean home. Clean streams. Clean conscience.
Feel good because you’re doing good. Melaleuca is a market leader in concentrated products with biodegradable, nontoxic ingredients. This means less pollution, less waste and a better environment for future generations.

6. Shopping convenience at your fingertips
Apart from visiting our stores, you can shop any time, any day online at or call us at 1800-183-183 and have your order delivered right to your doorstep.  Save time, fuel and the environment.

7. Shop smarter and save money
Take advantage of our additional monthly promotions to maximize even more savings including Super Value promotions, 40 Points Promotion, web-only specials and our special premium gift offers.

8. Earn more with Lifetime VIP Program
As a LVIP member you are eligible for exclusive promotions, welcome gifts, and Loyalty Shopping Dollars. The earlier you shop each month the more Loyalty Shopping Dollars you earn.

9. Freedom to enjoy life on your own terms
With Melaleuca, you have the opportunity to build a business that makes earning residual income a reality. Referrals are easy when you use and recommend our products to friends and family and which brings the joy of helping others in a meaningful way.

10. No risk. 100% satisfaction guaranteed
If you are unsatisfied with any Melaleuca product you order, you may return it to us within 60 days and get your money back in full.