Preferred Customer Benefits

Making the Most of Your Melaleuca Membership

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Shop Smarter and Get Additional

Benefits with Melaleuca

As a Preferred Customer, you receive a 30-50% discount on Melaleuca wellness products every time you shop because you're buying directly from the manufacturer. In addition to the discounts, your dollars are going toward research-backed formulas made with the highest-quality ingredients.

Natural, Safer, More Effective,

One-of-a-Kind Products

Melaleuca membership opens up a new world of unique wellness products. These products compete directly with the major brands sold in grocery stores. Not to mention the expensive “green” brands you might find at supermarkets. Plus, Melaleuca provides a right-from-home shopping experience that's fun, fast, and easy.

  • Look Better, Feel Better

    For over three decades, Melaleuca has been on a mission to help our customers take control of their health with innovative, one-of-a-kind natural solutions that tackle our society's greatest health threats.

  • Real Solutions for Even the Biggest Health Challenges

    If the world is facing a major health concern, you can rest assured Melaleuca is looking for a way to deliver a natural, innovative solution.

  • Put Nature to Work for You

    Melaleuca is the only place you will find products with natural ingredients that work better than their grocery store alternatives.

  • Clean Home. Clean World. Clean Conscience.

    For decades, Melaleuca has been at the forefront of highly-concentrated, safer, nature-derived products that clean homes without making the world a dirtier place.

Rewarding Your Loyalty

Every Month

  • Product Bonus Program

    The Product Bonus Program is opened to all new Melaleuca Preferred Customers. New Preferred Customers will be rewarded with FREE products after they fulfill their monthly product point commitment in Month 2 to 6 of enrollment, 5 months in a row.

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  • Lifetime VIP Loyalty Program

    Melaleuca's exclusive rewards program for Preferred Customers! The Lifetime VIP Loyalty program rewards customers with exclusive priviledges such as Welcome and Bonus Gifts, VIP Promotions, Birthday Rewards and Loyalty Shopping Dollars.

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  • Loyalty Shopping Dollars

    As a Preferred Customer, you are eligible to earn Loyalty Shopping Dollars when you shop before the 25th of every month. The earlier in the month you order, the more you earn.

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  • Monthly Promotions

    We hope you like saving money! As a Preferred Customer, you will enjoy various special monthly promotions on our products. This is one of the many ways we say thank you for being a valued Melaleuca customer.

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