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With natural stain-fighting enzymes and dirt-lifting detergents inside, this chlorine bleach-free color booster keeps clothes looking brand-new even after many washes. New 9x pump sold separately.

<span style="color:#990000; font-weight:bold">New</span> <i>EcoSense</i><sup>®</sup> Drain Back Cap
Size: 1 product Item: 4848

Mess-free and easy to use, this drain-back cap lets you measure just the amount you need for each laundry load while avoiding drips and leaks.

<span style="color: #990000; font-weight: bold;">New</span> 960mL Reusable Laundry Pump
Size: 1 pump Item: 924

This sturdy, reusable 10 mL pump attaches to your 32.5 fl. oz. (960mL) MelaSoft 9x, MelaBrite 9x and MelaPower 9x bottle for quick, precise dispensing with no drips or messes.

  • Removes soils and brightens clothes
  • Won’t harm fabrics, even after many washes
  • Free of chlorine bleach
  • Concentrated to save money and reduce plastic waste
  • Pump or Drain-Back Cap sold separately
Ecosense Pump for 1.42L Bottles
Size: 1 pump Item: 3008
  • Reusable pump saves plastic
  • Conveniently dispenses 15 mL at a time
  • For MelaPower 6x, MelaBrite 6x, and MelaSoft
EcoSense® Drain-Back Cap
Size: 1 product Item: 2177
  • Reusable drain-back cap saves plastic
  • Quickly dispenses liquid with no messes
  • For MelaPower 6x, MelaBrite 6x, and MelaSoft
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